ABM Managing Better Now update 2014

//ABM Managing Better Now update 2014

ABM Managing Better Now prospectus – status report March 2014

Phase one

Initial work completed includes:

GiS portal developed
Collation of all data around the Bay
Regional coastal processes assessment. See Action 4
Standard for modelling, builds upon Bellarine LCHA and others
Remains high level but builds capacity for local investigations

Phase two

New work under original Prospectus

Actions 1,2 agreed to move forward. Includes:

Location of assets, hazard zones, land manager, land types
Asset type affected Number of assets per hazard zone/LGA/manager
Summary statistics for each council and for region
Width and volume of coastal buffer and owners/LG
Action 1 and 2 draft reports completed.

Phase two

Actions 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3

1% AEP for wave , storm, severity, frequency, time period
Coastal dynamics established

Action 4.1 Sea level report completed

Action 4.2 Wave height and energy near completion

Action 4.3 Storm bite understanding built and natural coastline

Other work under prospectus

Successful in funding for program over 2-3 years

Plan for PPB (VASP) ( was Phase 7 in Prospectus) Regional coastal adaptation plan 40-60 years. Includes:

Climate risk regional report
Embed adaptation into current plans and policies
Implications for planning and infrastructure
Cost benefit of impacts and solutions
Visualisation of adaptation opportunities
Develop futures plan for PPB 2050
Build collaboration with partners
Make links with Mentors program

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