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The Association of Bayside Municipalities is an unincorporated association of the councils that have frontage to, and are affected by the tidal influences of, Port Phillip Bay.

ABM Member Councils | Councillor Representatives


Councillor Jonathon Marsden

Hobsons Bay City Council

ABM President / ABM Executive Committee


Councillor Fiona Stitfold

Bayside City Council

ABM Vice President / ABM Executive Committee


Councillor Anthony Marsh

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

ABM Executive Committee


Councillor Jim Mason

City of Greater Geelong

ABM Executive Committee


Councillor Sue Baker

Frankston City Council


Councillor Jenna Davey-Burns

Kingston City Council


Councillor Michael Grout

Borough of Queenscliffe


Councillor Robert Szatkowski

Wyndham City Council


Councillor Tim Baxter | Councillor Heather Cunsolo

Port Phillip City Council


The ABM operates under the auspices of the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) – guided by the Municipal Association of Victoria-ABM Memorandum of Understanding.

The ABM Charter (2021) guides the membership and governance of the Association.

Every two years the ABM elect a President, Vice President and Executive Committee. The Executive Committee oversees the Association’s financial management; administration; and the appointment and performance of an Executive Officer.

Use MEMBER LOGIN to access the MoU and Charter.

ABM Strategic Priorities 2022-2025

The ABM Strategic Plan sets out the priorities and key focus areas for 2022-2025 reflecting the opportunities and issues identified by Member Councils.


ecology and vegetation

The health and use of the Bay to live, work and play relies on a functioning marine and coastal ecosystem that is valued, protected and enhanced. Ecosystem protection requires rightsholders, stakeholders and communities to work collaboratively together to achieve optimal outcomes.


cultural heritage protection

The land and sea of Port Phillip Bay is of spiritual, cultural and economic importance to Aboriginal people. We recognise the intrinsic connection of Traditional Owners to Country and commit to genuine working partnerships, respect and understanding.


The effects of climate change amplify the challenges of protecting and managing the marine and coastal environment, impacting ecosystem health, access and use. Adapting to climate change on the coast requires knowledge sharing, partnerships and co-investment to drive action.


maintenance and management

Buildings and structures in the marine and coastal environment support access and use. Management and maintenance of these assets integrates cultural heritage, environment protection and natural coastal processes, climate adaptation, shared use and safety.


foreshore and marine

The Bay is renowned and valued for its beaches and diversity uses. Managing multiple, often competing uses, requires strong working partnerships that balance ecosystem protection with safe access and use and amenity of the waterways, foreshore and Bay.


Sustainable management of the Bay requires strategic funding and resources. Coastal councils require adequate, equitable funding and support to deliver on its marine and coastal responsibilities and the expectations of community.


History of the Association

The municipalities of Port Phillip Bay came together in the early 1930s due to shared concerns about the Bay.  There has been a cooperative arrangement and partnership between the bayside councils that can be identified back to a  significant storm of 1934 where councils collaborated and called for State government action to repair, protect and improve the coastline.  In 1974, recognising the need for a coordinated approach to addressing issues, lobbying and working with state agencies the Association of Bayside Municipalities was formed.

Recent history of ABM Presidents by Council

2021-current           Hobsons Bay City Council

2019-2020               Port Phillip City Council

2017                         Frankston City Council

2016                         Mornington Peninsula Shire

2015                         Bayside City Council

2014                         Frankston City Council

2013                         Hobsons Bay City Council

2011-2012                Greater Geelong City Council

2010-2011                Borough of Queenscliffe

2009-2010               Bayside City Council

2008-2009              Mornington Peninsula Shire

2007-2008               Port Phillip City Council

2006-2007               Greater Geelong City Council

2005-2006               Wyndham City Council

2004-2005               Frankston City Council

2003-2004               Kingston City Council

2002-2003               Mornington Peninsula Shire

2001-2002               Bayside City Council

2000-2001               Borough of Queenscliffe

1999-2000               Port Phillip City Council

1998-1999               Hobson Bay City Council

1997-1998               Greater Geelong City Council

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