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The Association of Bayside Municipalities (ABM) was founded in 1974 to address issues of common concern to bayside councils. Today the ABM represents the interests of the 10 councils with frontage to Port Phillip Bay on various coastal and marine issues.

ABM is recognised by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) as the key representative of local government in relation to the sustainable management and health of Port Phillip Bay. The ABM is supported by a part-time Executive Officer currently located at the MAV.

Although the ABM is a local government association, a number of state government agencies and other organisations are represented on the ABM in an observer capacity, including, the Central Coastal Board (CCB), State Government Departments, Environment Protection Authority of Victoria (EPA) , Melbourne Water, Port of Melbourne Corporation and Parks Victoria.

Role and Function
The role of the ABM is to identify, resolve and advise on matters of common interest to the bayside councils to improve the overall management of the Port Phillip Bay environment. The value of the Association is that it can approach matters on a regional basis and the ABM actively represents its members through a range of political, community and media outlets.

The ABM provides a forum:

  • for the exchange of information, innovation and best practice in coastal management;
  • to effectively represent and advocate the collective views of member councils;
  • for purposeful networking and exchange between member councils and other agencies; and
  • to provide leadership in advocacy and coastal policy.