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ABM takes on a number of projects whether on behalf of Members or in partnership with other groups.

Currently the Projects include:

Bay Blueprint 2070 Program: Coastal Adaptation Framework (completed)

A resource for coastal land managers and decision makers that provides adaptive coastal management approaches tailored to
Port Phillip Bay.  Funded through the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s Victorian Adaptation and
Sustainability Partnership program.

Port Phillip Bay Coastal Land Use Planning Project 

Development of planning guidelines to support councils to plan for coastal climate change impacts in Port Phillip Bay, in partnership with  DELWP.  This project was funded by the Minister for Planning.

Port Phillip Bay Coastal Hazard Assessment

The ABM is working in partnership with the Department to deliver a coastal hazard assessment for Port Phillip Bay.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is leading the project to define the extent of land around Port Phillip Bay predicted to be threatened by the coastal hazards of inundation, erosion and changes in groundwater under a number of different climate scenarios. The information generated will facilitate planning for, and management of, current and future natural, cultural and economic assets, and the setting of state, regional and council priorities.

For more information about the Port Phillip Bay Coastal Hazard Assessment, visit

Managing Better Now Program – coastal processes report series (completed)

The ABM commissioned a series of reports focused on data, modelling and analysis of coastal processes in Port Phillip Bay including sea level rise, wave climate and storm bite.

Coastal Adaptation Pathways (completed)

The Coastal Adaptation Decision Pathways Project (2012) was funded by the Australian Government Coastal Adaptation
Decision Pathways Initiative. The project developed a response to changing inundation risks due to climate change
through the facilitation of effective coastal adaptation planning in urbanised areas.