Economic, social and environmental values and benefits

/Economic, social and environmental values and benefits
Economic, social and environmental values and benefits 2015-09-04T03:31:29+00:00

The importance of Port Phillip Bay to the local and state economy is significant. The bay is home to the busiest container shipping port in Australia and is an important cruise ship destination. It supports commercial and recreational fishing and tourism. The bay’s health as well as its facilities, amenity and wildlife are important for regional and international tourism. The foreshore is a driver of the local economy with small and large business taking advantage of the coastal location. The property values of buildings in close proximity to the coast provide added revenue to rates and contribute to the prosperity of the community. Social, landscape and environmental values, while harder to quantify, are important in determining overall values and must be seen as important planning criteria for decisions.

We will focus on:

  • Better understanding the values and pressures on coastal Crown land and protecting and enhancing these areas
  • Better understanding costs-benefits, value of ecosystem services, net community benefit concepts which support effective decision making
  • Supporting and promoting  the preparation and application of detailed local plans along the coast
  • Supporting sustainable and safe, port and shipping related services, commercial activities, appropriate local water transport options and tourism