Enhancing management of coastal assets and infrastructure

/Enhancing management of coastal assets and infrastructure
Enhancing management of coastal assets and infrastructure 2015-09-04T03:29:19+00:00

Councils plan for, and manage, numerous coastal assets and infrastructure. These range from natural foreshore and beach areas to built structures and marine and land-based infrastructure. The accelerated deterioration of marine infrastructure and the loss of beaches and foreshores due to coastal erosion is costly. The community expectation for councils to maintain, fix and build is often overwhelming. There is a continual demand for improvements due to age, changing standards, social expectations and environmental needs. New demands to meet improved standards, changes in community boating and recreation patterns and anticipating climate change requirements as well as reacting to extreme weather events, place councils under additional resource stress. Working together helps to achieve better results, avoids poor management and promotes wise resource allocation.
We will focus on:

Securing long term investment programs with all levels of government to address renewal and maintenance issues and clarifying management responsibilities
Coastal infrastructure improvements, including renewal and new works that are adaptive and innovative
Comprehensive beach nourishment approaches and cooperative erosion control measures
Drainage, sewerage and stormwater quality improvements through coordinated and integrated coastal and water management approaches