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The Association shall consist of Delegates representing the Members.

The quorum for Member Meetings shall be five Members, represented by the Delegate, Alternate or their proxy. Each Member represented shall have one vote and the President shall have a casting vote.

Delegates and Alternates of the Members shall be nominated by each of the Member councils at their statutory annual meeting to serve for the period of up to four years or until the ABM is advised of the appointment of a new Delegate.

The Members shall elect a President and Vice President from within their ranks for a period of up to 2 years through a preferential voting system. Only a delegate can be the President or Vice President. The details for election are included in Appendix A

An Executive Committee will comprise the ABM President, Vice President and Executive Officer and any other delegate nominated by the President to undertake, on behalf of Members, any business that cannot be transacted at Association Meetings due to focus, timing or urgency.

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) is the auspice for the ABM in governance, financial and accountability matters and acts as employer for the ABM Executive Officer through the Terms of Agreement using the MAV Grants and Projects Procedures.

The Association will be supported by an Executive Officer and other staff as needed.

Staff members of each Member and the ABM Executive Officer shall attend meetings to report, advise and assist Delegates with their deliberations.

Working groups may be established to investigate report and recommend action on matters of interest to the Association. Working groups can be made up of any members or other agencies as required.

The President will chair all meetings. If the President is not available the Vice President assumes the Chair. If neither the President nor Vice President is available a chair will be selected 

by those delegates attending the meeting. Working group Meetings and Network meeting may be chaired by the Executive Officer if the President is not available

Minutes of all meetings shall be kept, recording decisions in appropriate detail and provided within two week of that meeting.

These rules shall remain in force unless altered by resolution of a majority of Members at an ABM Members Meeting


Members shall mean the Municipalities comprising the Association.

Delegate and Alternate shall mean the duly appointed representative and alternate representative of each Member Council. These will normally be councillors but could be other official appointees.

The President and vice President can only be a councillor who is also the nominated delegate from a Member Council

Nominated Officers are the Member council’s nominated staff member who acts as contact point for all ABM matters

When Voting on substantive issues it shall be one vote per Member, regardless of whether both the delegate and alternate or staff are present at the meeting.

Proxy. When a delegate or alternate is not available a proxy to vote on substantive issues can be arranged with another person and details provided to the ABM Executive Officer.