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The Association of Bayside Municipalities (ABM) was established in 1974 and is a membership organisation for 10 local councils surrounding Port Phillip Bay.

There has been a cooperative  arrangement and partnership with the bayside councils  that can be identified  back to the  significant storm of 1934 where collectively  bayside councils call for State government action to repair, protect and improve the coastline.

The current member councils are Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Frankston City Council, City of Kingston, Bayside City Council, City of Port Philip, City of Melbourne, Hobsons Bay City Council, Wyndham City Council, City of Greater Geelong and Borough of Queenscliffe.

Council membership  names have changed  due to amalgamations and rationalisation since 1974.

The focus  of the Association has also changed  reflecting the current priorities.


Recent history of  Presidential Councils

1997-1998            Geelong

1998-1999            Hobson Bay

1999-2000            Port Phillip

2000-2001            Queenscliffe

2001-2002            Bayside

2002-2003            Mornington Pen

2003-2004            Kingston

2004-2005            Frankston

2005-2006            Wyndham

2006-2007            Geelong

2007-2008            Port Phillip

2008-2009            Mornington Peninsula

2009-2010            Bayside

2010-2011            Queenscliffe

2011-2012            Geelong

2013       Hobsons Bay

2014       Frankston

2015       Bayside

2016       Mornington Peninsula