Promoting ecological health of marine areas and the coast

/Promoting ecological health of marine areas and the coast
Promoting ecological health of marine areas and the coast 2015-09-04T03:29:58+00:00

Port Phillip Bay provides a home to a diverse range of unique and valuable plants and animals that depend on the ecological health of the marine and coastal areas. The bay contains internationally-recognised sites, marine protected areas, landscapes as well as habitats of significant regional value and importance. The health of the bay relies upon collective management of urban pollution, water quality, urban encroachment, stormwater management, invasive species and human impacts. The overall condition of the bay has important social, economic, recreational and tourism impacts. Our knowledge of the bay, its ecology and vulnerabilities needs to be improved and shared. This shared understanding and cooperative action will improve the ecological health of the bay.
We will focus on:

Supporting research and partnership to gain a better understanding of bay biodiversity ecology and health
Stormwater quality and bay health improvements enabled through community alliances and agency partnerships
Supporting programs that protect the bay’s wildlife
Supporting the eradication or control of invasive marine species and enhancing indigenous habitat
Promoting long-term monitoring of the bay including its ecological systems to contribute to regular state-of-the-bay reports