Refining and improving our organisational approach

/Refining and improving our organisational approach
Refining and improving our organisational approach 2017-08-22T10:48:25+00:00

The ABM has a dynamic role in representing the councils surrounding Port Phillip Bay. Its own capacity, flexibility, resources and focus needs to be regularly reviewed to stay relevant, effective and accountable. Building stakeholder relationships will be continually promoted by the association. Our methods of communication, information, knowledge sharing, and advocacy approaches will be flexible and reflect the changing needs and issues of our members. The strategic plan will be underpinned by a focused action agenda, coupled with an effective communications and engagement approach. The ABM’s Charter will be tested regularly to ensure legal, management requirements are met. Changes to the Charter will best reflect the intention of the association, its purpose and operational focus and capacity. Action Plans will be responsive to members’ directions, new opportunities and emerging issues and will be reviewed biannually to include a business plan with budget and marketing approach.

We will focus on:

  • Targeted lobbying approaches to State and Federal Government to meet our strategic directions
  • Making regular presentations to member councils on progress of the strategic directions and providing capacity-building and technical skills opportunities
  • Formalising partnerships with relevant Port Phillip Bay and coastal stakeholders through agreements with key organisations to help achieve our strategic directions
  • Regular action based initiatives that are costed, promoted and resourced to meet our strategic directions