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The complex roles and responsibilities relating to coastal management and adaptation are shown in here



These management arrangements are described and questioned by the VCC in their Interim Position Paper on Coastal Governance. Of the 60 coastal managers in Victoria there are more than 40 across Port Phillip Bay. In addition to the ABM councils they include large commercial entities (such as the Port of Melbourne), State Government agencies such as Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning; the Commonwealth Government (responsible for Commonwealth land); and community based Committees of Management.

The VCC and RCBs are advisory and while Catchment Management Authorities have an important impact on the coast, particularly regarding floodplain management, they are not considered coastal managers. The result is significantly complex management arrangements overall, varying capabilities and capacity (including revenue raising ability) and confusion as to ‘who is responsible for what’. The spread and diversity of coastal managers is common to many other jurisdictions, leading to the practice of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) as shown here.


For ICZM to be effective in Victoria there is a need for more guidance from policy makers on detailed implementation issues (such as the implementation of the sea level rise benchmarks) and adequate resourcing at all levels to match responsibilities. The ABM’s Managing Better Now project, among other initiatives, assists to coordinate and fill data gaps, making better use of data and resources to improve overall management.