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The Association of Bayside Municipalities (ABM) is an association of the councils that have frontage to, and are affected by the tidal influences of, Port Phillip Bay.

The ABM:

is the collective local government voice in relation to the sustainable management and health of Port Phillip Bay (the Bay) and seeks to promote cooperation between, and coordination of actions by, Member Councils, the MAV and State Government.

seeks to reflect the community’s values for the Bay, advocating for safe clean beaches, appropriate water quality, recreational opportunities, appropriate land use, community accessibility, environment and open space values, the conservation of native terrestrial and marine life and protection against a changing climate and its impacts.

acknowledges the bay as a place for recreation and enjoyment. Member councils provide for and maintain facilities which support sustainable recreational uses of the bay through projects, partnerships and advocacy.

will support safe, fair and practical access which does not impact on the health of the bay or its marine life, at the same time maximising the experience of the coastal environment.

will strengthen relationships and partnerships around key issues identified in our strategic plan while maximising our relevance to partner agencies

recognises the bay is under increasing pressure from urban growth, catchment degradation and climate change. Identifying and providing access to high quality information that will aid in the protection of coastal values and assets through action and planning is essential.


The ABM is committed to :

 the improved health of Port Phillip Bay through projects and partnerships that improve the water quality and coastal surrounds of the bay allowing for its continued enjoyment and sustainable use whilst ensuring the protection of the marine ecosystem.

being recognised as a key stakeholder, acting as a conduit and catalyst for information exchange in relation to the impacts of climate change to bayside councils, including sea level rise, storm surge and inundation.

supporting governance arrangements that improve coordination, increased accountability and land use integration in the management of Port Phillip Bay.

promoting statutory and strategic planning approaches and assessment of climate change impacts to support appropriate and sustainable development and land use.


This has been taken from the ABM Charter 2015 .