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Bay Blueprint 2070

A guide to climate change adaptation opportunities for Port Phillip Bay.

In 2013, the Association of Bayside Municipalities (ABM) received grant funding as part of the State Government’s Victorian Adaptation and Sustainability Partnership.

The grant project, A Regional Coastal Adaptation Framework for Port Phillip Bay, became known as Bay Blueprint 2070 and was delivered across three stages:

STAGE 1 (investigation & engagement):         

Bay Blueprint Framework Report (published 2015)

Synthesis of existing knowledge, research, programs and stakeholder engagement associated with climate adaptation and resilience. The Report identified key challenges along with significant knowledge and data gaps, particularly relating to understanding future coastal and catchment pressures and vulnerabilities.  The Report proposed a whole-of- bay approach to improve local decision making, management and prioritisation of actions.

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STAGE 2 (planning & analysis):          

Bay Blueprint 2070  (published August 2017)

The Bay Blueprint 2070 is designed to guide local and regional adaptation coastal climate planning, decision-making, investment and implementation towards 2070.  It aims to provide coastal land managers and decision makers with a shared understanding of the impacts of climate change on Port Phillip Bay and a suite of adaptation approaches tailored to common coastal typologies found around Port Phillip Bay.

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STAGE 3 (implementation and awareness):  

Capability building program (implemented September 2017 – October 2018)

Facilitating local action planning for coastal climate change adaptation, conducting workshops with ABM Member councils.  Outputs will be collated into a regional issues and opportunities paper for the ABM, informing our strategic priorities and collaborative partnerships.

Building on the knowledge, resources and capability developed through the Bay Blueprint 2070 program, the ABM are launching a Bay Blueprint MasterClass event series for 2018/19.  Events are designed to address issues and opportunities identified through the Bay Blueprint programs (stages 1, 2 and 3), bringing expertise and ideas from within and external to Port Phillip Bay.

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