Port of Melbourne Lease

The ABM advocated on behalf of coastal councils during negotiations for the Port of Melbourne Lease.  This contributed to securing an agreement for ongoing monitoring of Bay health; cessation of additional major dredging of shipping channels or widening/ deepening of the Bay entrance; and establishment of a $10 million fund for the Bay.

Through direct communications with the State Treasurer and Port of Melbourne Select Committee, the ABM proposed a set of principles for maintaining the environmental health and amenity of Port Phillip Bay:

  • Adopt the Treasurer’s principle of “do no harm” to the environmental, social, economic, and cultural wellbeing of Port Phillip Bay.
  • Ensure the health, amenities, economic benefits, and environment of the Bay are protected for present and future generations.
  • Prepare and publish a comprehensive report outlining the current health and condition of Port Phillip Bay including water quality, marine biodiversity, and shoreline conditions.
  • Ensure impacts to amenities are rectified to a high standard that reflects community expectations, current and future needs.
  • Establish a ‘Fund’ from the Port of Melbourne lease to improve the amenity of the Bay.
  • Prior to any decision to lease the Port, the State Government commits to its promise to consider all options for future port operations within and outside Port Phillip Bay. Outcomes should then be referred to Infrastructure Victoria for a decision.

Photo: Port of Melbourne (David Wallace, Flickr).

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